Investment Amount : To be determined at appropriate time.

Structure : Convertible Preferred Stock, Subordinated Debentures with Warrants, Convertible Subordinated Debentures are some but not all structures considered acceptable.

Current Return: Not Required to initiate conversation.

Involvement : Shareholders, Board Members, Executives of Portfolio Companies.

Exit Strategies: Sale to Strategic or Financial Buyer, Management Buyout, Public & Private Offerings.

Geography: Global.

Length of Investment : To be determined when appropriate.

Market: The investment opportunity should address a substantial market, or market niche, where the business will become a significant entity.

Stage: Venture Capital Financings, Seed, Early Stage, Late Stage, Growth or Acquisitions, Expansion, M&A, Recapitalizations

PRODUCT: Preferably, the product or services of an investment opportunity should have aspects which are unique and proprietary in their design, manufacture or marketing. Projects which have obtained patents and/or have filed for patents are given priority.