Could you reproduce Silicon Valley in Miami or is there some secret code waiting to be hacked ?

What does it take to recreate a thriving tech hub here in Miami?

What it takes is the right people. That’s a striking departure from the past. Up till a couple decades ago, geography was destiny for great cities. Well guess what Miami certainly meets that criteria. But in today’s global economy being close to ports its part of the equation but the determinant factor rests somewhere else. The question becomes in fact who are the right people, and how do you get them to move here so that they mingle with one another, inspire one another and support one another? The key is when there are three guys operating out of an apartment most times than not wherever the startup is when it gets funded, it will stay.

One thing is certain Silicon Valley’s defining characteristics are in fact “exportable.”

Miami must be a magnet for top people. It must not be solely about the people who live here but also about the people who are attracted here who then create a diverse network from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. Entrepreneurs, academics, investors, commercial and investment bankers, accountants, and lawyers must make up the network. Talent must reach Miami from all corners of the earth . Quick tip – more than 50% of Silicon Valley’s companies are founded by immigrants, not “local” talent. Miami is more than just your run of the mill city its really an international hub. Here are some of the characteristics we at MiamiTechHub plan to implement very soon.

A RISK CAPITAL CULTURE, driving venture capitalists to invest where others fear and where financial returns match the risks taken,

A RISK EMPLOYMENT CULTURE, driving people to forego the financial stability that employment in a large corporation brings and work in a startup in order to achieve technological success and financial independence,

A CELEBRATE SUCCESS CULTURE, under which making money is as important as advancing technology and creating a successful product,

A LEARN FROM FAILURE CULTURE, where failure is acknowledged as much as success because there are important lessons that entrepreneurs carry from each failure to their next effort, and finally a culture that celebrates technology entrepreneurs as heroes.

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